Darren’s Music

Stubborn Sounds’ Darren Thornberry is a seasoned singer with a gifted ear for harmony. In addition to making his own music, he is available for studio work. Clients can expect no-nonsense, efficient, beautiful singing in a huge range.

530197_429106987139650_673079736_n“I have used Darren on several projects over the years and I am always glad I did. His is a huge vocal talent, but he follows direction well and gives the customer what they want. His pitch is dead on, his tone is fantastic for layering and his innate sense of harmony keeps the session short. He’s a three part machine. He can lay down the tenor, alto and soprano before it’s even time for a coffee break.” 
Michelle Patterson

“Darren is my bandmate, and his ability to harmonize by ear, instantly, with a new song, never ceases to amaze me. He finds harmonies that most people capable of singing harmony simply cannot hear. His voice, added to mine, adds essential layers to my songs. His range is amazing. He sings instinctively and passionately. I highly recommend him.”Esther Sparks

 “I am pleased to recommend to you Darren Thornberry as an excellent studio  vocalist to add to your roster. I’ve known Darren for six years and have worked with him on a variety of projects. I have found him to be an excellent musician with a versatile voice and a great work ethic in the studio. When we have done projects using head charts, Darren is quick to learn and comes to the table with creative ideas. He is willing to do what it takes to work out what sounds best for the client. His voice has enough color, tone, timber and interest to be a great soloist, and yet he is able to blend as well. I love what his voice brings to group harmonies. Darren is an artist who is serious about his craft, while remaining humble and a pleasure to work with.”Christi Bovee

“I asked Darren to sing on a love ballad I’d recorded, little knowing the beautiful yearning quality he’d bring to it. Deeply moving. But that’s not all he can do – I’ve heard him front a rock band with confidence and poise. A great guy with a quality voice.” – Norman Lamont

“I have had the privilege of working with Darren in both the studio and live. As a producer I have never worked with talent that takes direction as well as Darren. I can count on truly authentic emotional performances take after take. As a performer, I have never worked with a better lead singer. He knows how to lead a band, provide creative space and keep a show running with crowd pleasing energy!” – Anthony Vilgiate of Chainsaw Weasel


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